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PAS Youth deputy chief urges government to ban Sugarbook

He said this is for the sake of religion and dignity.

PAS Youth Deputy Chief Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden is urging the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia to restrict Sugarbook from continued access to Malaysians as more and more people are inclined towards this “sugar dating” culture which is deemed immoral.

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He added that the ban on the website should be implemented in order to protect Maqasid Syariah, which is to protect religion and dignity.

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“China blocked Facebook as a security measures against the United States, while the United States banned TikTok to defend their national security, foreign policy and economy from China’s encroachment.” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“Why can’t we block Sugarbook to protect our religion and the younger generation of Malaysians?”

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Previously, Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia (DPPM) had highlighted the issue in December 2019 when a billboard displaying a Sugarbook advertisement was spotted in Kuala Lumpur.

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Afnan said the issue should not be taken lightly as there have been reports of a 40% increase among students (notably those from the tertiary education) registering an account on the dating platform back in January, with Malaysia having the third-highest number of sugar daddies in Asia.

Meanwhile, there have been reports alleging that the numbers on the said “survey” was cooked up.

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Source: Facebook / Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden
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