[VIDEO] Parents gift daughter with brand new Mustang for her 18th birthday

Lowkey wishing we had one too.
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PETALING JAYA– A young woman had the best birthday surprise of her life when her parents gifted her with a spanking new Ford Mustang.

In the 1-minute TikTok video by @aamyrae._ , the girl was getting out of her car when her mother wished her happy birthday, leaving her visibly puzzled.

Photo via @aamyrae._

Her mom then brought her to where the Mustang was waiting for her, complete with a giant red ribbon tied on it.

Photo via @aamyrae._
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Overwhelmed by the lavish gift, the girl then broke into tears while hugging and thanking her mum profusely.

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Photo via @aamyrae._

Shortly after the video’s release, many netizens wished the girl happy birthday and commented how it was unnecessary for others to be jealous of her as it was a blessing from her parents.

@aamyrae._ Ya allah tak sangka Birthday tahun ni yang ke 18 dapat mustang hadiah dari mama papa 🥺❤️ Syukur ya Allah ..#fyp ♬ original sound – Amyrahhh

Cover image via @aamyrae._

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