Oyen Rescued From Elmina Plane Crash Has Died Of Its Injuries

On August 17, a total of 10 lives were lost after a light aircraft crashed to the ground near Elmina in Shah Alam.

Amid the Elmina plane crash tragedy, there was a lighthearted event which took place after four ambulance crew came to the rescue of a stray cat who suffered a 15cm-long gash caused by the plane’s debris.

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Oyen succumbs to its injuries

Unfortunately, the cat, who was fondly named Oyen Elmina, passed away due to a weakened immune system caused by feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

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The sad news was confirmed by the owner of Zul Erwan Veterinary Clinic, Dr Zul Erwan Azmi on Instagram yesterday (Aug 27), who had been taking care of the cat since it was first rescued.

It is with deep sadness that we announce Oyen Elmina has passed away. Oyen had tested positive for the FIV virus (feline AIDS), which compromised his immune system.

“Complications of the wounds in its spine also made the spread of the infection quicker, which weakened Oyen.

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“Although we tried our best to treat him, he didn’t manage to survive. Thank you to all who prayed for Oyen,” he wrote.

Read the post here:

‘Goodbye, Oyen Elmina’

Netizens were equally heartbroken by the sad news and offered their condolences in the comment section.

‘Goodbye, Oyen. Thank you to those who saved and treated him.’

Oyen rescued from elmina plane crash has died of its injuries comment 1
Screenshot via Instagram/@zulerwan

‘Rest in peace buddy. Gonna miss you Oyen. Special thanks to Dr. Zul and team for doing their best. It means a lot to Oyen.’

Oyen rescued from elmina plane crash has died of its injuries comment 2
Screenshot via Instagram/@zulerwan

Rest in peace, Oyen. You’ll be in our hearts forever.

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