Orange-clad ‘heroes’ miraculously recover woman’s purse full of gold jewellery

The heroes we don't deserve.

BUTTERWORTH – Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP) workers saved a woman from parting with her gold jewellery after they successfully located it amid a mountain of trash.

According to Kosmo!, Yaya Ismail shared on Facebook that she had accidentally thrown out a purse filled with gold jewellery at 9am yesterday (Feb 20).

By the time she realised what she had done, the rubbish truck had already emptied her bin.

Out of desperation, she rushed to the MBSP rubbish depot in Tasek Gelugor and told the workers of her situation.

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Fortunately, the rubbish truck had not left for the landfill and council workers quickly scoured through the trash with their bare hands.

Miraculously, the purse was found in a good condition inside a black plastic bag and none of the gold jewellery went missing.

Orange-clad 'heroes' miraculously recover woman's purse full of gold jewellery | weirdkaya

Yaya was later informed of the good news at 1:30 pm through a video sent by one of the workers.

Following their good deed, the council workers were hailed as “orange heroes” thanks to their uniform and praised by netizens after news of their heroics went viral.

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Cover image via The Star.