Old Man Who Lost His M’sian Citizenship Seen Selling Tissue At S’pore MRT Station

Living one day at a time.

In the heart of Singapore’s bustling city, amidst the fast-paced lives of its citizens, lives 76-year-old Mr. Wu, a man without a country, as reported by 8world.

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Born in Malaysia, Mr. Wu has spent over 70 years in Singapore but remains stateless, losing his Malaysian citizenship along the way and being unable to secure Singaporean citizenship due to language barriers​​​​.

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From a young age, he left school to pursue Fujian opera, a decision reflecting the cultural tapestry of his life.

Used to travel back and forth between SG & MY

During his younger years, he traveled smoothly back and forth between Singapore and Malaysia.

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However, the loss of his Malaysian identification documents at the age of 25 marked the beginning of his stateless status, forever altering the course of his life​​.

Old man who lost his m'sian citizenship seen selling tissue at s'pore mrt station | weirdkaya
Photo by 8world

Today, Mr. Wu sustains himself by selling tissues near Bay Lebar MRT station, a humble endeavor that brings in an unpredictable income, rarely exceeding S$100 a day​​.

His personal life is marked by loss and solitude: a divorce from his first wife, the death of a long-term partner, and estrangement from his sisters following disputes over inheritance​​.

Last year, with the help of the authorities, he obtained a special pass and receives assistance of 410 SGD per month, which eases some of his financial burden.

However, the rising cost of living causes him constant distress, forcing him to live frugally.

“I only eat one meal a day, sometimes it’s a meal, sometimes porridge. Eating is about saving money, spending as little as I earn. For example, if you buy this for me to eat, I won’t eat it, I haven’t eaten today and will wait until tomorrow to decide.

Despite a recent car accident and ongoing health issues, Mr. Wu avoids medical treatment due to financial constraints, a decision that echoes the harsh realities faced by many in his situation​​.

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Resigned to his fate, he has no plans to reapply for citizenship, living each day as it comes, with no expectations for the future​​.

Mr. Wu’s story is not unique in Singapore. As of November 2020, there were 1,109 stateless individuals residing in the country, a majority of whom are permanent residents.

The process of acquiring citizenship or permanent residency is a complex one, taking into account various factors including family ties and economic contributions​.

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