Officer praised for directing traffic while man prays in the middle of the street

Give that officer a raise!

KUALA LUMPUR – A video of a traffic policeman directing busy traffic while a man prays in the middle of the road has made rounds on social media.

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Praying in the middle of a busy street

The man, who was clad in a red t-shirt, had a cardboard as his prayer mat and performed his prayers as vehicles drove past and around him.

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Officer was commended for respecting the man's pray time
The man praying in the middle of the road.
Screenshot via: Instagram/@feryyusrif

Throughout the video, the man showed little concern for his safety and only concentrated on completing his prayers.

This caught the sight of a traffic policeman, who quickly took the initiative to direct traffic to protect the man. Two more officers later appeared at the scene as well.

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According to Oh My Media, the incident is believed to have taken place at Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur yesterday (Oct 13).


The video has since garnered 188k views and 2.7 comments at press time, with netizens showing praise on the traffic officer.

Many commended the officer’s willingness to help and show of respect to the man by allowing him to finish performing his prayers.

Netizen praises officer for his noble act
Netizens praised the officer

Some also speculated that the man was mentally unwell, but one netizen wrote that it is worse for those who don’t suffer mental illnesses to not pray.

Netizens speculate that the man is unsound
Though he is unwell, yet he still prays
At least he's still praying

Someone give this officer a raise right now!

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