Not getting the best out of your skin while you #StayHome? Here are 4 tips to step up your skincare routine!

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While most of us have viewed the multiple lockdowns as bringing more harm than good, a handful have instead taken the opportunity to spend a little more “me” time.

This includes working out harder than usual and dedicating a good portion of our time following a comprehensive skincare routine to achieve a complexion that will blow the rest away when we meet physically again. Yaaaaas queen!


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With all the time and effort spent giving our skin a “holiday” from pollutants, it glows up with each passing day, right?

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Sadly, some of us don’t see our efforts pay off.

When you do skincare but your skin doesn't care

What’s worse, you may find your friends having a much desirable complexion when they’ve never invested in any skincare products. How unfair!

So, what can you do when you’ve done all things skincare but your skin just doesn’t care? Here are four simple steps to follow!

1. Stay active

We get it. After that long WFH period, you’ve probably become content with keeping your behind glued to the chair for five more minutes rather than getting up and about.

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However, did you know that it may be taking a toll on your skin?

Photo from Fit by Brit

Experts say that exercise improves blood circulation and boosts metabolism as it helps nourish and maintain the vitality of our skin cells by boosting blood flow. Best of all, it’s a FREE solution in reducing stress levels too!

2. Drink up!

Still remember the time when our Asian mum always prescribed us water for almost everything?

Well, turns out that she’s right when it comes to achieving healthier skin!

Water plays a big role in removing toxins from our system in the form of sweat. Also, if you’re one who often experiences constipation, consuming water is an excellent method as it maintains regular bowel motions.

3. Know your skin type

All of us have a preferred type for most things – food, colour, and even girlfriend/boyfriend. The same applies for our skin too!

Before you splurge on any skincare item, make sure you know what your skin type is (e.g. normal, dry, sensitive, oily etc.)

Also, do your own research and don’t blindly follow someone else’s skincare routine as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

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4. Seek help from skin experts

Solving a skin issue can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thankfully, there’s a number of skin professionals who are ready to help you get to the root cause of your problems and achieve the skin of your dreams.

Introducing VIYA’S, a professional cosmeceutical centre located at One Utama Shopping Mall that provides the ultimate solution to all of your skin issues!

VIYA’s was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2002 and has been actively researching and creating skincare products specifically suited for the Asian skin.

With numerous testimonials and recommendations from customers, VIYA’s has proven itself to be a leading cosmeceutical service provider that delivers high-quality, medical-grade actives and ingredient-driven beauty solutions backed by science.

Here’s a sample of one such testimonial:

Photo from VIYA’S
What customers truly think of VIYA’S. (Photo from VIYA’S)

Don’t keep your skin starved of its natural beauty ever again!

Be sure to follow VIYA’S official Facebook page to stay up to date with their products and services!

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Take the first step in solving your skin problems so that you can step out of your house confidently again!

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