‘No Money, No Gold Chain!’- M’sian Jeweler Dodges Scammer Who Gave Fake RM6,170 Receipt

Be alert.
On April 23 in Petaling Jaya, a woman tried to buy a gold chain for RM6170 from a jewelry store and seemed to be in a hurry to pay.

She asked for the jeweler’s bank details and showed him a transfer receipt on her phone, suggesting that she had already paid.

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However, the jeweler checked his bank account and found no such transaction.

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The woman insisted that she had used an instant transfer, but upon further questioning, it turned out she had set the transfer for the next day.

She hadn’t actually paid yet.

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The jeweler told her that he couldn’t give her the chain until he received the money.

She pretended to call her bank and then claimed the money would come through the next day.

The jeweler asked her to come back after the payment cleared.

'no money, no gold chain! '- m'sian jeweler dodges scammer who gave fake rm6,170 receipt | weirdkaya
Photo from Facebook

It’s a scam

But the next day, there was still no money, and the woman stopped responding to his messages, confirming she was trying to scam him.

The story, shared on Facebook by Greenie Ng Yik Cheng, reveals that the woman had tried this scam at other jewelry stores too.

The jeweler is now advising all shop owners to make sure they receive payment before handing over any goods to avoid being tricked by smooth-talking customers.

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