Nigerian Man Masters Malay In 2 Years & Shocks Everyone With How Fluent He Is In It

"Spare the English; I can speak Malay."
Racism is a problem that continues to affect people from different backgrounds around the world. Even in Malaysia, known for its diverse culture, discrimination still exists, making it difficult for everyone to feel included and accepted.

In the midst of all this, David Adetunji Dolapo’s story stands out as a powerful reminder of how tough it can be to figure out who you are and how you fit in, especially in a diverse society.

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Came to Malaysia when he was 8

David or adeyemi adetunji dolapo
Photo via TikTok/@urdaviddolapo

At just 21, David’s story shows how he faced discrimination but stayed strong, working hard to be accepted and understood.

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David originally comes from Nigeria. His journey to Malaysia started when he was only eight, as his family sought new opportunities abroad. Little did he realise, this decision would profoundly shape his life, introducing him to the diverse and colourful Malaysian culture.

“I was born in Nigeria, but when I was eight years old, my parents migrated to this country with me. I finished my schooling here,” he said in an interview with Harian Metro.

2 years to become fluent in Malay

David or adeyemi adetunji dolapo
Photo via TikTok/@urdaviddolapo

Even though David lived in Malaysia for more than ten years, becoming fluent in Bahasa Malaysia wasn’t easy, reported Harian Metro.

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In a recent interview, he shared that it took him two years of hard work to master the language. He practiced by talking to friends and classmates, gradually improving his skills.

“It took me two years to become fluent and proficient in speaking because I interacted with friends in Malay at school. In my family, only my sister, mother, and I can speak Malay. My father isn’t very fluent because he rarely speaks the language,” he said.

‘Even if others were wrong, I would also be blamed since I’m a minority’

But fitting into Malaysian culture wasn’t always easy for David.

Like many others from diverse backgrounds, he encountered discrimination because of his skin colour. Even though he spoke Bahasa Malaysia fluently, David still faced judgment and stereotypes, highlighting the lingering biases in society.

“But I was self-aware, so I tried not to provoke because I knew that even if others were wrong, I would also be blamed since I’m a minority. As long as people aren’t rude to me, I’m okay.”

David added, “There have been times when people spoke to me in English before realising I could speak Malay. I’m used to it; maybe they thought I was a foreigner or a tourist.” He also mentioned receiving offers to work as an actor and model.

Despite the challenges, David never gave up. Through his engaging presence on social media, especially TikTok, David not only embraces who he is but also inspires others along the way.

In every video he posts, David gives viewers a peek into his life, captivating audiences with his charisma and wit. His ability to speak Bahasa Malaysia fluently has attracted a large following, showing that being genuine and authentic resonates with people from all walks of life.

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