Netizen creates food bank Google Map to help those in need across Malaysia

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The number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia do not seem to reduce despite the implementation of FMCO for almost two months. As a result, many have lost their jobs and are struggling to live another day. As such, the #BenderaPutih campaign was created to help those affected by this crisis.

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Many companies and individuals have set up their own food banks for the needy, such as 99 Speedmart and Econsave. We at WeirdKaya are currently working with @hawkr_food, an online startup that pledges to send aid to struggling households. For more details, read the post here:

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To ease the burden of finding the nearest food bank, a netizen named Eric Ng took the initiative to create a Google Map showing a comprehensive list of food banks across Malaysia.

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Whether you’re in need of a donation or someone who wishes to contribute, you can now locate the nearest food bank without much hassle.

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Link to the Foodbank Google Map.

At the time of writing, Eric has posted a total of 280 food banks in the Klang Valley and 60 in Johor on the map, with more locations being added to the list.

If you’re having trouble navigating around the map, Eric has also posted a tutorial on his Facebook profile with some simple instructions:

1) Turn on your mobile phone’s GPS.
2) Click on this link.
3) Locate any food bank near you.
4) Click on the station.
5) Click on “Get Direction”, and Google Maps will direct you to your destination.

He also urged the public to help share and edit the map to keep it updated at all times.

On top of that, Exabytes Malaysia has also created the website Foodbank.digital in three languages to help the needy.

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If you need help, don’t be shy to raise the white flag. If you wish to be a donor and need ideas for donating, you can refer to this post.

Together we stand, separate we fall. We can overcome this challenge together! #KitaJagaKIta

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