Netizen annoyed at ‘Covidiots’ that ‘lepak’ at durian stall despite 13215 Covid-19 cases today

Durian > Covid-19?

Just a few hours ago, Malaysia reported 13,215 new daily COVID-19 cases (15 July). Yet another record for three straight days as the country struggles to control the rapid spike in new infections.

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Since the start of the pandemic, Malaysians has taken on a new hobby of catching “Covidiots” breaching SOPs.

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Capturing them in act, a netizen filmed a group of people loitering around a roadside durian stall located at PJS 5/30 at 5:35 pm today.

Netizen annoyed at 'covidiots' that 'lepak' at durian stall despite 13215 covid-19 cases today
Photo provided by WeirdKaya’s reader

The video showed various individuals not adhering to social distancing rules. Furthermore, many of them were without masks.

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The netizen was irritated to witness this scene and was disappointed in how these ignorant people putting Malaysians’ effort in the battle against Covid-19 into waste.

As he narrates the video, the netizen was irritated to witness such a scene.

He expressed his disappointment of how these ignorant people were squandering Malaysians’ efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

“Today, Malaysia recorded a total case of 13215. Look at this durian stall, so many people gathered around it. All ignoring SOPs. Do they even have MITI approval letter to operate?”


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Source: WeirdKaya’s reader
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