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Nearly Nine In Ten Malaysians Suffer From Sleep Problems, New Study Reveals

New study findings.

A recent comprehensive survey conducted across Malaysia by the leading Malaysian sleep company Sonno has unveiled significant findings related to sleep habits, quality, and challenges faced by individuals.

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In conjunction with the Mental Health Awareness Month recognised during the month of May, the survey, which encompassed a diverse demographic, sheds light on the crucial aspects of sleep and its impact on daily life, mental health, and productivity.

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87. 2_ of malaysians have sleeping issues, including insomnia, frequent waking or difficulty falling asleep.

Key Findings Include:

  • Sleep Quality in Malaysia: 87.2% of Malaysians have sleeping issues, including insomnia, frequent waking or difficulty falling asleep.
  • Common Sleep Issues: Difficulty falling asleep was identified as a prevalent concern, affecting 39.9% of respondents. Moreover, conditions like frequent waking (37.9%) and snoring (28.9%) further compound the sleep crisis in Malaysia.
  • Varied Sleep Durations: A significant portion of respondents, 45.5% to be precise, reported getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep, aligning with global sleep recommendations. However, 52.1% struggle with shorter sleep durations of 4 to 6 hours, highlighting a concerning trend towards sleep deprivation.
  • Gender and Age Disparities: The survey revealed sleep issues affect equally females (86.4%) and males (87.7%). Differences in sleep quality and issues across age groups emerged. For instance, adults aged 25-44 showed a lower quality of sleep on a typical night compared to older adults 45-64, underscoring the need for tailored sleep health strategies.
  • Impact on Well-being: A dominant 76.3% of participants agreed that adequate and good quality sleep significantly contributes to better life quality, productivity, and mental health.
  • Use of screen before bed: an overwhelming 84.6% of respondents declare using screens immediately before going to bed every night or most nights. At the same time, a majority of 61% of respondents acknowledge that the use of screens before sleep affects sleep quality.

Addressing the Sleep Crisis in Malaysia

The survey results call for immediate attention and action towards improving sleep health among Malaysians.

The data collected serves as a crucial tool for health professionals, policymakers, and wellness advocates in crafting targeted interventions and awareness campaigns.

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Fabio miceli, ceo of sonno

Our findings highlight the urgent need for public awareness and education about the importance of good sleep hygiene and addressing sleep-related issues,” said Fabio Miceli, CEO of Sonno.

It is clear that sleep quality directly impacts our daily functioning and mental well-being. We aim to use this data to collaborate with health authorities and organizations to develop effective solutions.”

Moving Forward: A Healthier, More Rested Malaysia

Sonno was established in 2017 with a single mission -  to help people sleep better and live better.

The survey underscores the necessity of national dialogue and action on sleep health. The organizers call upon media, health professionals, and the public to engage in discussions and initiatives that promote better sleep practices and address sleep-related challenges head-on.

Notes to Editors: The survey was conducted in January 2024. 212 respondents across various states in Malaysia participated. The survey aimed to understand sleep patterns, quality, and related challenges.

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