Nasi lemak seller praised for offering free food and discounted prices to needy students at UTM cafe

"This is the least I can do."

PETALING JAYA – At a time where most Malaysians are tightening their belts in the face of soaring prices and food supply shortages, a nasi lemak seller has instead chosen to show generosity towards the most vulnerable — needy students.

Aishah Othman had just set up her nasi lemak stall at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s (UTM) food café for a month when she noticed that most students were only able to afford her RM1 plain nasi lemak while others would pay in batches.

Moved by their financial struggles, Aishah decided to not let them go hungry by offering 10 nasi lemak packets for free everyday.

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‘This is the least I can do for them’

She told Malay Mail that on some days, she would tell the students to pay for the nasi lemak packets only while treating them to various side dishes such as prawn sambal and ayam berempah.

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“Because I’m unable to give these students monetary or cash assistance, the least I can do is offer to give them free food.

Imagine if the students are from the B40 group, what kind of savings would these students have to buy food for themselves on a daily basis?

Aishah added that she also reduced the price of her side dishes so that students were able to buy it more easily.

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No shame in asking

In addition to giving out free food and discounted dishes, Aishah has also put up signs at the stall, where one reads: “If you’re starving, let me know and I will treat you to some food. Don’t be shy.”

Photo via Facebook

She also told the English daily that though her generous deed hasn’t earned her much, she nevertheless was still happy with the little profits she managed to gain.

“Since my post went viral yesterday, I’m able to earn a bit more money as more students flock to my stall.

“I also hope that more students will be able to fill their hungry stomachs through the food in my stall,” she said.

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Aishah’s kindness has since gained the praise of netizens, who commended her for coming to the aid of needy students by offering free food.

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