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‘Nailed it!’ M’sian who worked as a food delivery rider made it to Big four audit firm

"Look ma, I made it!"

Securing a job as a fresh graduate during a pandemic is an uphill battle. With our lack of experience in the workforce and high unemployment rate, the odds are against us.

That being said, applying to reputable companies require you to be the cream of the crop.

Big four(pwc, deloitte, kpmg. Ernst & young) in malaysia that many fresh graduate dream of.
The Big Four Accounting Firms.

However, one Malaysian fresh graduate, Fauzan Hasany made it to the big four with humble beginnings.

‘Recalculating Route’

Fauzan Hasany, an accounting student at the International Islamic University Malaysia took a minor detour in life to become a food delivery rider.

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Foodpanda rider in malaysia
For illustrative purposes only. Photo: The Star

In a LinkedIn post, Fauzan shared that he worked part-time as a Foodpanda rider for nearly 2 years during his semester break.

Furthermore, he mentioned that his time as a delivery guy awarded him with priceless experiences and memories.

Fauzan hasany working as foodpanda rider
Fauzan Hasany working as a part-time foodpanda rider.

Following his graduation, he was offered a job as an audit associate at PwC Malaysia.

The post has since received over 28k reactions and 2,000 comments on LinkedIn, with many congratulating him for securing a position at the Big Four.

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Fauzan: ‘I Was Bored’

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Fauzan explained that it all stemmed from boredom.

I usually feel bored on weekends and (especially) semester break.

I have a lot of free time and wanted to earn some pocket money.

Hence, Fauzan decided to embark on his journey as a Foodpanda rider during his semester breaks between 2019 to 2021.

When asked about the challenges of working as a delivery rider, Fauzan told WeirdKaya that (thankfully) there were not a lot of difficulties posted.

The only troublesome thing is when you are unable find the customer’s house […]

As Fauzan is still new to PwC Malaysia, he shared that he can’t tell much about his current job.

An Encouragement To Others

Fauzan’s post not only went viral on LinkedIn but on Twitter as many were proud of his achievement.

One netizen also praised him for his time management.

Another user his satisfaction on seeing people work hard for their goals.

We wish Fauzan all the best as he begins a new chapter in life! Man, we really are proud of you! :’)

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