Myvi Skips Out On Parking Fee By Zooming Past Boom Gate While Another Driver Was Paying

Myvi and its stunt again.
In a recent social media whirlwind, a clip has caught the eyes of netizens featuring a Proton Iswara driver, who after diligently paying their parking dues at an indoor lot exit, was unexpectedly cut off by a Perodua Myvi – leaving a queue of motorists and passengers in disbelief.

The scene unfolded on the morning of April 6th, around 8:30 AM, within the confines of the Pasar Borong Selayang’s parking bay.

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The video, which is only 20 seconds long, shows the Iswara at the exit paying for parking.

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Myvi sneaks in from the side

Suddenly, the Myvi sneaks in from the side, goes ahead of the Iswara, and waits for the exit barrier to lift before driving off.

Perodua Myvi driver blatantly skipping the parking fee, sneaking past the exit gate, and leaving a Proton Iswara driver, who had just paid the parking fee, helplessly stranded.

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Myvi skips out on parking fee by zooming past boom gate while another driver was paying
Photo from Facebook

Someone in the car behind caught the whole thing on their dashcam.

People who saw the video online were very upset with the Myvi driver, and some guessed that this driver must have done this kind of thing before because they looked too good at it.


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