Did You Know M’sians Are Weirdly Talented? Here Are Some Things Only We Dare To Claim 

Just weird Malaysian things.

The diverse talents of Malaysians are internationally recognised. From famed musicians such as P. Ramlee and Dato’ Sudirman to acclaimed actress and Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh, the evidence is abundant.

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Michelle yeoh wins oscar
Photo via IG/michelleyeoh_official

But beyond these practical artistic talents, Malaysians are also known for some uniquely quirky talents we showcase daily. 

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For instance, from weaving multiple languages or dialects into just one sentence, to patiently waiting in line for hours for food or goods and bargaining for a better price for almost everything from the price of fruit at the market to the cost of a taxi ride. 

Power of hand malaysia
Photo via Pinterest

Oh, let’s also not forget how we masterfully cross busy streets with just a commanding wave of the hand. 

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We are also gifted with the creative art of combining various foods and drinks to create new culinary delights like Neslo, adding cheese to almost everything and anything (before adding the ‘Viral’ tag), and yes, sprinkling Milo powder on noodles and rice!

Tomyam coke with cheese
Photo via X/ @1fanmeow 

Just Kidding, Let’s talk about some Malaysian real talents 

Jokes aside, some Malaysians do have jaw-dropping hidden talents that were later showcased on social media. 

Earlier, we’ve covered a girl in her 20s who can finish up one big whole packet of Hup Seng crackers in one meal. What’s more surprising is that she was in a battle with anorexia a few years back, dwindling to just skin and bones.

Now, this young lady who looks decently slim is well-known on social media for eating an extraordinary amount of food.   

We’ve also come across a pak cik who can perfectly juggle skinless coconut balls on the most happening Jonker Street in Malacca.  

Also, did we mention the abang at Mamak who carries more than 20 cups on the table at a time? 

Video via Douyin (抖音)

Now, it’s your turn to shine!

Can’t believe your eyes after seeing so many hidden talents among Malaysians? Well, you might discover more surprises just from the people surrounding you. 

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If you’re wondering whether we are telling the truth, practice is the only criterion for testing a fact, so start looking around! 

Besides proving to the world that Malaysians have talent, you can also win prizes with MR.DIY’s Bakat Luar Biasa Malaysia contest! 

Did you know m’sians are weirdly talented? Here are some things only we dare to claim  | weirdkaya

The contest comes in 3 stages: 

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Stage 1: Online Submissions (7 May to 3 June 2024)

Firstly, search for talents from within and surrounding you. You can submit a video of your own or someone else in action. Be sure to get their acknowledgement and approval! 

Next, post the video on social media with the hashtag #BakatLuarBiasaMalaysia and tag @mrdiy2u on Instagram or @mrdiy.malaysia on TikTok. Then, submit an official entry to MR.DIY’s microsite and that’s it! 

Stage 2: Voting (11 to 24 June 2024)

All the entries will be screened by MR.DIY to make sure the steps in stage 1 are fulfilled rightfully. Valid entries will then be uploaded to their microsite for viewing and voting. 

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Now, it’s your time to vote for the best talents! Everyone can vote three times per day for their favourite videos from different participants.  

Did you know m’sians are weirdly talented? Here are some things only we dare to claim  | weirdkaya

Stage 3: Winner Announcement

The top 13 talents with the highest voting will be the winners! 

The most exciting part! 

What’s more exciting?! You can stand a chance to win up to RM25,000 CASH 💰💰💰 if you’re selected as one of the top 13 winners.

  • Grand Prize: RM10,000 Cash
  • Second Prize: RM5,000 Cash
  • Third Prize: RM3,000 Cash
  • Consolation Prize: RM700 Cash x 10

Not only that, for the first 50 entries, you will have a chance to win RM50 MR.DIY cash vouchers!!

Did you know m’sians are weirdly talented? Here are some things only we dare to claim  | weirdkaya

Ready to Show Off Your Talent?

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this exciting celebration of Malaysian skills and creativity!  

Visit MR.DIY’s Bakat Luar Biasa Malaysia microsite to learn more about the contest details and submit your entry. This could be your moment to shine bright and win big!

Embrace your uniqueness, showcase your extraordinary talents, and let all Malaysians cheer for you. After all, every talent deserves a spotlight, and yours might just be the next big hit!

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