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M’sians From All Over Are Coming Just To See Cat Featured In Viral Penang Fight

An unlikely star.
Last week, a clip of two grown men slugging it out at a convenience store in Seberang Jaya, Penang blew the Internet up due to its chaotic and the humourous ending of one of the ‘fighters’ being knocked to the ground.

Amidst the chaos however, there was an unlikely star that stood out as the fight unfolded: a grey tabby cat which simply looked on nonchalantly as the men exchanged blows with one another.

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Cat in penang watching the brawl at mini market
Screenshot via X/@NaratifRakyat

Visitors flock over to see cat featured in viral Penang fight

Although the men have since apologised and made peace, the public is still being drawn to the drama that have surrounded the viral clip, in particular the cat that unwittingly became part of it too.

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Speaking to Oriental Daily, the owner of the convenience shop and one of the ‘fighters’ featured in the clip, Wu Ye Rong (transliteration), said that after the clip went viral, there have been numerous visitors dropping by just to see his cats.

A couple from Kuala Lumpur specifically came here to buy food and feed the cats, which touched me deeply.

“Another person, who travelled from Johor to attend a wedding in Penang, also came to the store after seeing the video and gave a small tip to financially support the cats that I raise,” he said.

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One of wu ye rong's cats
Photo via Oriental Daily

Has a deep love for cats

Wu added that he started keeping cats in his grocery store in 1996, with the first cat being a female cat named Meowmi, who passed away in 2012.

Currently, he has six cats at the convenience store, where their names are Meowbo, Tuapoi, King, Neowchuboi, Leopard, and Dandan. He himself is also a proud owner of five cats back at his home.

“I’ve also developed a deep bond with the 11 cats that I have, who were all formerly strays that wandered into my store,” he said.

Wu ye rong's cats
Photo via Oriental Daily

“I love keeping cats because they have cute and gentle personalities and do not attack people at random.

“My cats also do not defecate or urinate randomly in the convenience store or at home, so there are no hygiene issues,” he said.

Read more about the viral fight here:

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