M’sians celebrate reuniting with their families after months of lockdown

Reunited and it feels so good.

KUALA LUMPUR – After multiple lockdowns, the long awaited day of Malaysians being able to travel interstate had finally come after 90% of the adult population was vaccinated.

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Following Prime Minister Ismail Sabri’s announcement of lifting travel restrictions on Sunday (Oct 10), many were overjoyed at the prospect of reuniting with their families.

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M'sians celebrate reuniting with their families after months of lockdown | weirdkaya
Image via FMT

As such, major highways are expected to see unprecedented traffic jams with Malaysians making a beeline for their hometowns.

One step ahead

Some could barely contain their excitement over the news, such as this TikToker who camped near the toll before travel restrictions were officially lifted.

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In the video, Muhd Fareast said he and his friends did so to avoid getting caught in a massive crawl.

We’re just waiting to enter the toll plaza once the clock strikes 12.01 am.”


Tugu kat Tol sampai pukul 1201am balik kampung ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou

♬ bunyi asal – IbuFatimah Kassim

His video has since garnered the attention of netizens, who wished him a safe trip back home.

Malaysians balik kampung
Netizens asking him to have a safe drive home

Families reunited

Another Malaysian, Muhammad Hidayat Istaufik was pining for his mother, whom he hadn’t seen for months.

In an interview with Malay Mail, he said that his family immediately went on a 4-hour journey from Seremban to Perak as soon as interstate travel was allowed.

The last time I went home was in early January.” 

Families reuniting after travel restrictions lifted
Families reuniting after travel restrictions lifted
Image via: MalayMail

In another touching story, @tinaozair shared how her father was finally able to meet his brother.

She added that the siblings lived in different states, with one in Raub and the other in Alor Setar.

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Bagai di rodak hati..Sedih time nie Allah saja tau…Masa nie Abah lama tak jumpa Abg dia. Sorang di raub sorang di alor star ##tiktok ##fyp ##kisahsedih

♬ bunyi asal – ku punya hati

In the video, the brothers were clearly overwhelmed by the reunion as they broke into tears while embracing each other tightly.

For those on the way home, please be safe on the road! Make sure to tell your parents that you love them too!

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