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M’sians Queue Up To 2Hrs For HeyTea’s B1F1 At TRX Mall, One Dad Buys For Pregnant Daughter Who Was Craving It

Malaysians are good at queuing.

The renowned Chinese tea brand HeyTea has finally opened its doors at TRX The Exchange Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

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Marking its debut on December 1, 2023, the launch comes just days after the grand opening of the luxury mall, which has recently made headlines for its high parking fees and an electricity cut-off on the first day.

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Despite these hiccups, the mall attracted large crowds, with HeyTea’s opening being a significant highlight.

On the day of its opening, HeyTea announced a compelling ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ offer, which drew an extraordinary response from the Malaysian public.

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2 hours for B1F1

Known for their patience and enthusiasm for good deals, Malaysians formed a massive queue for HeyTea, stretching across the frontage of 7-8 stores.

M'sians queue up to 2hrs for heytea's b1f1 at trx mall, one dad buys for pregnant daughter who was craving it | weirdkaya
Screenshot via RED

Speaking to WeirdKaya, one customer who joined the queue shared her experience with us, offering a personal glimpse into the allure of HeyTea.

“When I arrived at around 10am, there were already about 100 people ahead of me,” she revealed.

The length of the queue, snaking across several stores, did not seem to deter her spirits. “It’s quite a sight, seeing so many people line up for tea. But it’s HeyTea, after all.”

She had been standing in line for nearly an hour and a half before she could place her order. “I managed to order at 11.30am and got my drinks by 11.45am,” she mentioned, a hint of triumph in her voice.

Parents’ dedication to surprise their daughter who is expecting a child

When asked what motivated her to join the queue, she smiled and said, “My daughter is expecting her child any day now, and she’s been craving the drinks from HeyTea. My husband wanted to cheer her up with her favorite drink.”

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M'sians queue up to 2hrs for heytea's b1f1 at trx mall, one dad buys for pregnant daughter who was craving it | weirdkaya
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

She further added, “The drink definitely lived up to our expectations. It was delicious, and we loved it. The wait was worth it.”


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