‘Cheap & Embarrassing’ — M’sians Heap Scorn On Official Olympics Jersey Over Its Design

Even the mannequins don't seem impressed.
With the Paris Olympics set to kickstart next month, participating countries have unveiled the official jersey in which their national contingent would wear to represent the country.

Unfortunately, the jersey for the Malaysian team has started out on the wrong foot after netizens slammed it to oblivion over the poor and lacklustre design.

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M’sians heap scorn on official Olympics jersey over its design

Last Sunday (June 23), the Olympic Council of Malaysia unveiled the official jersey at The TRX Exchange during an an Olympic Day celebration.

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In an Instagram post, the Olympic Council of Malaysia explained the symbolism behind the golden-hued attire which was made in collaboration with Yonex Sunrise Malaysia.

The contingent will be outfitted from head to toe by Yonex Sunrise Malaysia with a gold themed attire to reflect Malaysia’s relentless pursuit of the elusive gold medal at the Olympics.

“We thank Yonex Sunrise for the fruitful collaboration for the past four years. They have been outfitting our athletes and officials at various multi-sports games for the last two Olympic cycles and we look forward to Paris as the highlight of our cooperation,” said council president Tan Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria.

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However, the jersey was met with widespread mockery from netizens, who were appalled by how a shoddy design was approved in the first place.

One netizen didn’t mince her words and straight up called the attire a “low effort design”, “embarrassing”, and said she did a better job with her university presentation. Burnnnnn.

'cheap & embarrassing' — m'sians heap scorn on official olympics jersey over its design comment 1
Screenshot via Instagram/@olympicmas

Another commented that the horrible jersey was made even worse when it was put on mannequins instead of live models.

'cheap & embarrassing' — m'sians heap scorn on official olympics jersey over its design comment 2
Screenshot via Instagram/@olympicmas

Even famed content creator and YouTuber Jinnyboy couldn’t hide his distaste for the attire, simply writing: ‘Serious ah?’

'cheap & embarrassing' — m'sians heap scorn on official olympics jersey over its design comment 3
Screenshot via Instagram/@olympicmas
If you really thought the criticism was blown out of proportion, this is how the jersey of other countries look like:
Thailand and japan's olympics attire
Photos via X

No plans to change attire design

Following the public backlash, Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh released a statement on X (formerly Twitter), explaining that the attire was under the jurisdiction of the Olympic Council of Malaysia.

There has also been no announcement on plans to modify the jersey’s design despite netizens begging for it to be done.

Do you also agree that the official Olympics attire design is very unappealing? Share with us in the comments!

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