M’sians Applying For Jobs In S’pore Has Doubled Thanks To Strong SGD

Most Malaysians prefer office jobs with fixed hours, despite travel difficulties between Malaysia and Singapore.
More Malaysians are applying for jobs in Singapore because the Singapore dollar is getting stronger. Linda Teo from ManpowerGroup says there’s been a big increase in Malaysians applying for jobs from December 2022 to January 2023 compared to the same time the following year.

Why Malaysians prefer working in Singapore

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During Covid-19, the Singapore dollar became 13.6% stronger against the Malaysian ringgit. This made Malaysians more interested in working in Singapore because they could earn more money with the better exchange rate.

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In 2020, about 1.13 million Malaysians moved to Singapore for different reasons like work, marriage, or daily trips. Now, there’s been a big increase in Malaysians applying for jobs in Singapore again, mostly because of the stronger Singapore dollar, reported NST.

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The strengthening of the Singapore dollar against the ringgit over the past few months has led to a surge of Malaysian job seekers applying for positions in Singapore,” Linda Teo remarked in an interview with Business Times.

She also said it’s not just people from Johor; it’s Malaysians from all over who are interested.

Singapore dollar
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The Singapore dollar has gone up a lot compared to the ringgit. It’s gone up by 47.7% as of March 8. On February 21, the ringgit was at its lowest ever, making more Malaysians interested in working in Singapore.

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Job hunting trends: Malaysians’ choices and industries

According to Teo, lots of Malaysians are applying for jobs in retail, food and beverage, and administration. But most Malaysians prefer jobs in offices with fixed hours, even though it’s hard to travel between Malaysia and Singapore for work.

Teo also mentioned that Malaysians with technical skills are interested in engineering and manufacturing jobs. This shows there are lots of different job options in Singapore attracting Malaysian workers.

“For Malaysians possessing relevant technical skills, there is a notable interest in positions within the engineering and manufacturing industries”.

New information from the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) explains why more Malaysians are looking for jobs in Singapore and Brunei.

TalentCorp’s CEO, Thomas Mathew, says they’re attracted by better pay, good exchange rates, more job options, and nicer working conditions.

A survey by the Department of Statistics Malaysia on February 19 showed that a huge 83% of Malaysian workers in Singapore and Brunei are skilled or semi-skilled. This means Malaysians are playing a big role in these countries’ workforces.

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Challenges of returning Malaysian workers

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Even though Malaysians might be tempted by better pay and good job opportunities when they come back home, they often face difficulties.

The 2019 Hays Asia Overseas Returnees Report shows that many struggle with low pay, not enough jobs that fit their skills, not knowing how the local job market works, and problems for their foreign spouses and kids adjusting to the new culture.

Mathew says to make Malaysia a better place for investment, jobs, and living, the government should focus on making the economy stronger, attracting more investments, making good job opportunities, and building a bigger group of skilled workers.

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