M’sian Woman Who Was Criticised For Not Following Career Path Becomes Successful Real Estate Agent

Good for her!
In today’s world, there’s a lot of confusion and unfairness when it comes to education, jobs, and what women should do. People often judge certain jobs and think less of someone based on their education. And it’s not unusual to hear jokes about educated women being stuck in the kitchen.

‘You still end up in the kitchen’

Rubi hasman in the kitchen
Photo via Facebook/RubI Hasman

This exact scenario became all too real for Rubi Hasman when she found herself confronted by an older man with outdated views.

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“Even with all that education, you still end up in the kitchen,” he remarked, revealing a mindset that Rubi found dishearteningly backward.

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In conversations, every decision Rubi and her husband made seemed to be met with criticism from this individual.

Education feels like a waste, according to him

“When he discovered that I wasn’t working in the field I had studied in, he commented that it would have been better if I hadn’t studied at all,” Rubi recounted in a Facebook post.

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She described how he deemed her education a waste of money and suggested that she should eventually stay at home to care for her children.

Despite feeling hurt by these disparaging remarks, Rubi chose to respond with respect, refraining from engaging in arguments with the older man.

“At that moment, there were many things I wanted to clarify to him. However, I opted to remain silent because I didn’t want to engage in an argument with someone who has had more life experiences.

Knowledgeable people adapt anywhere, even in the farthest corners of the earth

She believed that education is not solely about securing a job but also about shaping one’s character, acquiring life skills, and fostering a positive mindset.

“For me, attending university isn’t just about securing a job. It’s about acquiring life skills, self-improvement, and fostering a positive mindset,” Rubi expressed.

Rubi highlighted the importance of utilising acquired knowledge to educate oneself and future generations, emphasising that education isn’t solely about earning more money or achieving material success.

“People with knowledge can adapt anywhere. Even if they are thrown to the farthest corners of the earth, their mindset distinguishes them from those with lesser knowledge,” Rubi asserted.

Rubi stood up against what society expected of educated women. She thought it was admirable for educated women to also take care of their homes. Rubi believed that being able to handle both education and homemaking showed dignity and modesty.

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I wonder how he’d react knowing I’m a real estate agent now

Rubi hasman, real estate agent
Photo via Facebook/RubI Hasman

Thinking about her own path, Rubi wondered how the old man would feel knowing she became a successful real estate agent. Lots of people online connected with her story and felt the same way.

“I haven’t crossed paths with that uncle for quite some time. I wonder how he would react knowing I am now a real estate agent.”

Because life sometimes takes us in different directions

Some pointed out that the kitchen is where many educated individuals express their creativity while cooking, emphasising that entering the kitchen is inconsequential as long as one diligently prepares meals.

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Netizen body
Screenshot via Facebook/RubI Hasman

One wrote: They fail to recognise that the kitchen is where many educated individuals express their creativity while cooking.

Others highlighted that not pursuing a career in one’s field of study doesn’t stem from a lack of desire but rather from circumstances leading individuals to follow a path closer to their hearts.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via Facebook/RubI Hasman

Not sticking to the career related to our studies isn’t because we don’t want to, but because life sometimes takes us in different directions.

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Another chimed in: “While many think education is just about getting a job, it’s really about being ready to deal with life’s ups and downs.”

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