M’sian Woman Unexpectedly Gives Birth Inside SUV Amid Traffic Jam, Names Baby Mat Triton

The newborn Mat Triton.

REMBAU– In a surprising turn of events, a civil servant’s fourth child was unexpectedly born inside their SUV on Monday, according to Sinar Harian.

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Mohd Safiq Jamaluddin, 36, was en route to Rembau Hospital with his wife, Nor Anis Mohd Arif, 37, around 9.45 pm when the surprising event unfolded.

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Because of the unusual birth circumstances, their newborn son was given the nickname Mat Triton.

M'sian woman unexpectedly gives birth inside suv amid traffic jam, names baby mat triton
Photo from Sinar Harian

Recounting the nerve-wracking moments, Mohd Safiq mentioned that his wife had been experiencing stomach pain since the third day of raya but dismissed it as a typical ache, not anticipating labor. She was expected to deliver on May 8th, so she didn’t believe the pain was due to childbirth.

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However, the persistent pain led Mohd Safiq to take his wife to the hospital, approximately eight kilometers away from their home in Kampung Batu. The journey felt longer than usual due to the congested roads.

As they traveled, the situation escalated when his wife informed him that the baby had already been born. Mohd Safiq heard the amniotic fluid release and felt something akin to a baby’s head under his wife’s cloth.

Worried for his wife and newborn’s safety, Mohd Safiq entered the opposite lane and requested other drivers to make way. Upon arriving at the hospital, security and staff quickly attended to the baby, communicating via walkie-talkie.

Grateful for the safe delivery, Mohd Safiq expressed his thankfulness for the opportunity to personally welcome the birth of his child, even if it occurred in their vehicle. Previously, he had not had the chance to be present for the birth of his other three children, and his friends had told him it was nearly impossible due to hospital SOPs.

He humorously added that if he hadn’t been able to be present for his fourth child’s birth, they might have needed to have another baby. Adding to the amusement, family members and hospital staff began calling the newborn Mat Triton.


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