M’sian Woman Shocked After Paying RM94 For 2 Bowls Of Yong Tau Foo At Pavilion KL

Never assume.

In a recent online stir, a lady was taken aback when she was handed a RM94.20 bill for two servings of Yong Tau Foo at a food court in the high-end Pavilion Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

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Not intending to spark viral controversy or tarnish anyone’s reputation, she simply shared her astonishment over the steep price on a Facebook post, creating quite a buzz amongst netizens.

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“I am not trying to create a viral buzz or to defame anyone, I am just sharing my personal experience. We’re used to eating a big bowl of yong tau foo at the night market for around RM30 for a whole family. But imagine my shock when the bill for two people came out to be RM94.20.”

She recounted how a whole family could usually enjoy a large bowl of Yong Tau Foo for around RM30 at a night market. Hence, the bill for RM94.20 for just two people at Pavilion came as a shock.

M'sian woman shocked after paying rm94 for 2 bowls of yong tau foo at pavilion kl | weirdkaya
Photo via Facebook

Despite being aghast, she understood the economics behind the pricing – the eatery located in Pavilion, a shopping hub for the wealthy, had high operational costs including rent and salaries. She had visited the place not for shopping, but merely for a meal.

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The eatery is a simple food court, albeit within Pavilion, which further contributed to her surprise. She didn’t blame the eatery as they had clearly displayed their prices. The onus, she felt, lay on the consumers to assess affordability and make their choice.

Her regret was not checking the price beforehand, having assumed that Yong Tau Foo, her diet-friendly choice, would be relatively inexpensive.

This misconception, she confessed, left her paying the unexpected price with a smile. She even humorously pondered on packing up the leftovers, given the meal’s “sky-high” cost.

Despite the jaw-dropping price, she admitted that the Yong Tau Foo was indeed tasty, and she had enjoyed the meal to the last bite.

So check the price before order your meal!


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