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M’sian Woman Pretends To Get Hit By A Taxi, Refuses To Leave Even After Getting Kicked Twice

She keeps on laying on the ground unfazed.
A Chinese netizen shared on social media about a staged accident involving an Indian woman who pretended to be hit by a taxi in order to seek monetary compensation.

The incident, which unfolded at a busy terminal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was captured on video and quickly went viral on XiaoHongShu.

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Unfolding of the incident

The woman, dressed in blue, dramatically fell to the ground in front of a red and white taxi, despite the vehicle not making any contact with her.

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She then accused the taxi driver of hitting her and demanded money as compensation.

This blatant act of accident scam, typically seen in various forms in China, was witnessed by several onlookers, including the netizen who filmed the event.

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“The whole drama caused a long traffic jam leading up to them,” the netizen added.

‘Elegantly’ staying on the ground

The video shows the woman maintaining her position on the ground, lying as if injured, even after the taxi driver confronts her and denies her claims.

“The lady looks very ‘elegant’ lying on the ground, even with a yellow flower on her head,” the netizen jokingly said.

The driver confronting the woman
ScreenGrab via XHS/努力的露娜

Frustrated by her persistence, the taxi driver eventually resorts to physical means by kicking her, which is met with mixed reactions from the crowd.

Driver kicking the woman
ScreenGrab via XHS/努力的露娜

Lasted for some time

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the netizen revealed that she didn’t record the entire incident from the start, and it actually lasted longer than expected.

“The driver had been kicking the woman for some time, actually, before giving up on using physical means.”

She also mentioned that the security might have been blocked by the spectators and only arrived after the quarrel had been going on for some time.

The security personnel intervened after the situation was escalated, eventually leading to the woman being removed from the scene.

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“She ended up being tied and moved away by the security guard, making a big fuss.” The netizen added.

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