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M’sian Woman Dresses Up As Tadika Student For Teacher’s Day & It’s As Adorable As It Looks

Very cute!
While Teacher’s Day has ended not too long ago, there have been clips of teachers and students dressing up for the special occasion dedicated to thank teachers for their sacrifices and dedication.

A teacher at school at Kelantan recently caught attention online thanks to her amusing and cute outfit, where she opted to cosplay a tadika (kindergarten) student.

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M’sian woman dresses up as tadika student for Teacher’s Day

In the now-viral video posted on TikTok by @ticer.sham, a female teacher is seen dressed up like a kindergarten student for the ‘Back To School’ theme in conjunction with Teacher’s Day.

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Teacher dresses up as a kindergarten student
Screenshot via TikTok/@ticer.sham

The video has since amassed over 1.9 million views and over 172,000 likes at the time of writing.

In the clip, the woman’s colleagues are seen dressed in regular school uniforms. But she decided to go off tangent by dressing up as a kindergarten student complete with a Smiggles bag, Mixue water bottle, and baby powder smothered on her cheeks.

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Speaking to WeirdKaya, the teacher named Sham said she teaches at SK Mulong 1 in Kelantan, adding that her outfit cost around RM57.

As for the bag and water bottle, she actually borrowed it from her students to complete her look.

Teacher looks cute with baby powder smothered on her face
Screenshot via TikTok/@ticer.sham

When asked if she had received any gifts or won the ‘Best Dressed Award’, Sham said she didn’t get any.

“My main aim was to bring joy and laughter to my students and colleagues. And I felt that my efforts were well worth it when I saw their smiles,” she said.

‘So cute!’

In the comment section, netizens couldn’t help but to gush with adoration over Sham’s outfit, saying that it was the cutest thing they’ve seen so far.

Netizens loved m'sian teacher's cute tadika outfit for teacher's day comment 1
Netizens loved m'sian teacher's cute tadika outfit for teacher's day comment 2
Netizens loved m'sian teacher's cute tadika outfit for teacher's day comment 3

Watch the video here:

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Tema Back To School Kita terlebih back sampai sekolah tadika😁

♬ original sound – Ticer Sham


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