M’sian Woman Claims She Was Flung Off The Floor After She Got Electrocuted While Charging Her Phone

Don't use your phone while it's charging! ⚡️📵

Many of us do it all the time, casually scrolling on our phones while they charge. However, for one woman named Mima, this common habit turned into a traumatizing experience she’ll never forget.

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On a seemingly typical day, as Mima was responding to a message, a deafening thunder clap echoed around her.

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Lightning struck her house, plunging everything into darkness, leaving behind the acrid scent of something burnt, according to mStar.

“I was only on my phone for five minutes,” Mimma recalls, “I had just read a message about a friend’s passing and was about to reply when everything went black.”

Electrifying shock

In that electrifying moment, the shock sent her flying.

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The hum in her ears was blaring, her head throbbing with pain, and the hand holding the phone went numb.

Overwhelmed by pain, tears uncontrollably streamed down her face.

M’sian woman claims she was flung off the floor after she got electrocuted while charging her phone | weirdkaya

Once the initial shock passed and she had somewhat regained her senses, Mimma surveyed the damage.

Her electrical appliances were fried, cracks marred her walls, and her phone screen was shattered.

“Imagine the force of that lightning! Even I, weighing 77kg, was thrown off my feet,” she says.

She now thanks her lucky stars she’s still alive, though her fingers are slowly regaining movement, her right hand occasionally numb, and her ears constantly ring.

Now, the mere thought of holding her phone fills Mimma with dread. Her hands tremble even with the simplest text reply, sometimes going numb. She’s taken to social media to caution others about the risks of using a phone while charging, especially during thunderstorms.

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She insists everyone should be vigilant and not dismiss the potential hazards. “Please, avoid using your phone while it charges, especially in stormy weather, and remember to turn off unused electrical sockets,” she warns.

Since sharing her story, netizens have flocked to her post, echoing her warnings and emphasizing the risks, especially during thunderstorms.

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