M’sian Woman Breaks Her Shoulder After Getting Hit By Billboard

She is reported to be in a stable condition.
Driving a vehicle during bad weather is risky business as there’s no telling when objects might be flung towards the driver, which can result in injuries.

A local woman in Jerantut, Pahang, found herself getting completely knocked over by a billboard which tore off from its frame and barreled its way towards her.

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Billboard flies towards m'sian woman
Screenshot via X/@mynewshub

M’sian woman breaks her shoulder after getting hit by billboard

In a 24-second viral video which was widely shared on X (formerly Twitter), it showed the woman riding her motorcycle along Jalan Jerantut-Maran at around 3.27pm yesterday (Mar 2), according to the timestamp.

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Just as she was about to pass the traffic light, a billboard on the left side of the road suddenly tore off and flew towards her.

Though she attempted to steer clear of the billboard, she failed to do so and got hit as a result.

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M'sian woman gets hit by billboard
Screenshot via X/@mynewshub

After getting hit by the billboard, the woman is seen lying on the road as concerned motorists quickly rushed over to check on her.

Jerantut district police chief Superintendent Azman Mat Kamis said in a statement that there were strong winds and heavy rain at the time of the incident, which caused the billboard to fly towards the woman’s direction, reported Berita Harian.

The victim was identified as 57-year-old G Muniammah, who suffered a broken shoulder and injuries to her forehead and eyes.

M'sian woman lies on the road after getting hit by billboard
Screenshot via X/@mynewshub

She was later sent to the Jerantut Hospital for treatment and is reported to be in a stable condition.

Azman added that although Muniammah’s family have lodged a police report, further investigations will not be made into the incident as it was a result of a natural disaster and not a road accident, reported Sinar Harian.

Watch the clip here: (Viewer discretion is advised)

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We wish the victim a speedy recovery and to all the drivers out there, please drive carefully during bad weather!


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