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M’sian Woman Boldly Reports Man’s Lewd Exposure Act On MRT During Evening Commute

"Physically, I might be fine, but mentally, I am not," the victim said.

In a bold Facebook post, a victim who chose to be anonymous shared a distressing encounter on the MRT on December 5, 2023, urging public vigilance.

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The incident, occurring between 6.30pm and 6.50pm, involved the victim spotting an individual exposing himself on the MRT heading towards Kwasa Damansara.

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The victim, who was playing on their phone at the time, noticed the perpetrator when checking the station.

Determined to capture evidence, she attempted to photograph the perpetrator, who then moved behind a glass panel.

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Man's lewd exposure act on mrt
Photo from Facebook

Despite this, the victim managed to snap a picture of his face before he disembarked at MRT Metro Prima.

The victim proceeded to her destination and promptly reported the occurrence at the MRT station. However, no police officers were present at the station.

Fortunately, the on-duty security personnel stepped in to document the incident.

She was informed that, due to the lack of physical contact, the police might not prioritize the case.

Dissatisfied with this response, the victim decided to take further action by visiting the nearest police station.

Enduring a lengthy wait of three hours to file the report, they were eventually informed that the case would be treated as a “covering case.”

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The victim expressed frustration and concern over the response, feeling that justice was not served.

“Physically, I might be fine, but mentally, I am not.”

She urged the public to be aware of the perpetrator, described as a Chinese-looking male, approximately 170cm-173cm tall, wearing white slippers, blue jeans, a white shirt, black jacket, and a green mask.

Happened during peak hour

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she said she was alone but mentioned there were other passengers nearby.

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Addressing the question of whether other commuters noticed the perpetrator during what should have been a peak hour, the victim said that she had asked a fellow commuter sitting next to her for assistance in reporting the incident to the police, but they declined, citing other commitments.

Regarding the follow-up from RapidKL after her report, the victim shared that two days after the incident, on December 7, 2023, she inquired for an update.

It was then she learned that there had been no significant progress yet, though the authorities were aware of the case.

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That evening, she was contacted by MRT auxiliary police via WhatsApp for additional information. As for the next steps in the investigation, the victim plans to follow up later, currently unsure of how the situation will unfold.

The victim also added her own suspicion that this wasn’t the man’s first time committing such a lewd act, noting that he chose to stand in a spot not covered by CCTV.

This call for awareness underscores the need for community vigilance and the importance of reporting such incidents to authorities.

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