M’sian Uni Graduates May Have Minimum Wage Of RM3,000 Soon

Better pay.

There’s some exciting news for graduates in Malaysia: the idea of bumping up the minimum wage to RM3,000 is starting to look like it could actually happen.

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A lot of fresh grads are stuck without jobs because, honestly, the pay just doesn’t match up with the workload or what they’ve studied for.

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But here comes a glimmer of hope from Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, the Higher Education Minister.

According to Bulletin TV3, he’s mentioned that this dream of a RM3,000 minimum wage for grads isn’t just pie in the sky—it’s actually on the table for discussion.

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This proposal is being talked over by the big shots at the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Human Resources.

Dr. Zambry said, “Looks like there’s going to be a white paper proposal on this. So, we’re gonna let these ministries hash out the new plans and proposals.”

But he also threw in that whatever plans they come up with need to get a nod from the Higher Education Ministry too, especially when it comes to what grads should be earning.


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