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M’sian Uncle Uses Mercedes To Earn Money As Grab Driver, Says He’s Bored Of Staying Home

Wish I was this bored too.
In recent times, many Malaysians have left their traditional 9-5 jobs to become full-time e-hailing drivers as it allows them more freedom and flexibility.

However, it’s not everyday where you would see a luxury car being used as a Grab car, specifically a Mercedes in this particular case, where it was driven by an uncle for a very odd reason.

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M’sian uncle uses Mercedes to earn money as Grab driver

In a TikTok video posted by @megat_suprax which has since gone viral, it showed him expressing amazement after a black Mercedes pulled over to fetch him after he booked a ride on Grab.

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Mercedes car of a grab driver
Screenshot via TikTok/@megat_suprax

With curiosity getting the best of him at every minute, the OP couldn’t help but to ask the uncle why he drove such an expensive car to fetch customers.

To his surprise, the uncle told him that he had gotten bored of staying home the whole day and spent most of the day sleeping. He then decided to do something useful by being a Grab driver.

He also revealed to the OP that he owned several luxury cars such as an Audi and BMW previously.

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Msian grab driver who drives a mercedes
Screenshot via TikTok/@megat_suprax

Humorous reactions

The clip, which has since garnered more than 460,000 views, saw netizens chiming in the comment section and expressing their thoughts over it.

One joked that the uncle had gotten tired of hearing his wife babble at home and decided to be Grab driver so that he would finally have the chance to talk to others.

M'sian uncle uses mercedes to earn money as grab driver, says he's bored of staying home comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@megat_suprax

Another commented that the uncle was simply looking to get rid of his boredom, to which the OP agreed by saying that he was looking for new friends and making others happy.

M'sian uncle uses mercedes to earn money as grab driver, says he's bored of staying home comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@megat_suprax

Watch the video here:


orang kaya bawak grab🤣

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