M’sian Teacher Uses His Own Allowance To Upgrade Classroom With Hipster Cafe Vibes

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Teachers always go above and beyond to provide a fun and exciting learning experience for their students.

Recently, a Malaysian teacher transformed a classroom like a cafe to make learning fun for students, and there’s a fascinating story behind it. What’s remarkable is that he even invested his own money to bring this idea to life.

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The cafe class
Photo via FB/Cikgu Al Tarmizi

‘The Cafe Class’

Taking to his Facebook account, the teacher Al Tarmizi shared the story and details behind the cafe class he created at the rural school located in Sarawak.

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“In conjunction with the upcoming Teacher’s Day, I would like to share a bit of the decoration done by a rural teacher for all Malaysians.” he wrote.

The photos shared by the teachers shows the before and after views of the classroom. What was once a normal rural school classroom has been wonderfully transformed by the efforts of every teacher into a cool cafe, offering a delightful environment for studying.

The cafe class before renovation
Photo via FB/Cikgu Al Tarmizi

According to Buletin TV3, at first, he and 10 other teachers along with the staff painted and decorated the school together.

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Later on, he came up with the idea to give the 32 students a new experience by turning a classroom into a hipster cafe. This became ‘The Cafe Class’, a classroom designed to feel like a real cafe, providing students with a unique learning environment.

“In the morning, they are responsible for running the cafe and taking attendance. Inside the cafe, there’s a charitable concept called ‘food for you’, where I place food for students who haven’t had breakfast to take,” he explained.

In his post, the teacher also mentioned that some people ask where a teacher’s salary goes. He explained that he used a portion of his rural allowance to beautify the classroom.

“When I have more blessings, I do more…” he said.

Classroom after renovation to cafe theme
Photo via FB/Cikgu Al Tarmizi

Furthermore, he also conveyed his thanks to our Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for the 13% increment that was announced earlier for all civil workers and said he would use it for a good purpose, “I will be able to share more.”

Tarmizi also stressed that despite working at a rural school, it doesn’t deter him from fostering a conducive environment for his students to enjoy learning.

“I believe that many of my fellow teachers out there are doing their best for their students. Many of them are willing to spend their own money for the success of their students,” he stated.

Not forgetting, he also expressed gratitude to the headmaster of SK Kut for providing full support to make the idea a reality.

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Students standing outside tehir cafe class
Photo via FB/Cikgu Al Tarmizi

Carrying his father’s dream

Further sharing, the generous teacher mentioned that being a teacher is something that was inspired by his father.

“When he was young, he was very interested in becoming a teacher, but he could only attend school until the fourth grade. This sparked my interest in becoming a teacher to fulfill my father’s dream,” he explained.

Another remarkable thing he shared is that out of his 11 siblings, 8 of them became teachers, just like their father wanted.

However, Tarmizi mentioned that becoming a teacher was quite challenging, as his exam results were not very good, while thanking his parents for being his first teachers and guides.

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This teacher shows how even the smallest changes can make a big difference, transforming a school and positively impacting the lives of students.

Here is the full post:


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