M’sian Teacher Resigns & Sells Sandwiches To Be Closer To Her Family

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Life’s twists and turns often catch us off guard, presenting surprises that we never saw coming. Meet a Malaysian woman who, due to one such twist, has embarked on an unexpected journey from the field of education to entrepreneurship.

35-year-old Yasmien Aiezzam Yasin made the difficult decision to leave her teaching job due to the emotional toll of being away from her husband and three young children. But the decision she made has now propelled her to unexpected success in the sandwich business.

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Msian woman showing the sandwiches she made for business
Photo via Sinar Harian

Longing for family is the reason

According to Sinar Harian, Yasmien initially faced the tough choice of resigning from her teaching position because she couldn’t bear the emotional strain of being separated from her husband and three young children.

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Despite her dedication to her profession, the constant longing for her family left her soul restless, making it challenging to focus on her duties in the classroom. Each passing year saw her efforts to secure transfers to be nearer to her family in Kelantan, yet they yielded no results.

The situation became even more challenging when Yasmien found herself pregnant with her fourth child. The prospect of facing pregnancy and motherhood alone, far from her support system, led her into a state of depression.

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After four years of struggling with the separation, she made the bold decision to resign from her teaching position in 2016, marking a significant turning point in her life.

From teacher to entrepreneur

With newfound freedom and determination, Yasmien embarked on a journey to explore alternative career paths. Little did she know that her venture into the business world would lead to unexpected success.

Inspired by her own struggle with weight gain and a newfound passion for healthy eating, Yasmien began experimenting with sandwich recipes as a convenient and nutritious meal option.

Msian woman making sandwich
Photo via Sinar Harian

Her journey took a pivotal turn after the birth of her fifth child in February 2022. Battling post-pregnancy weight gain and a newfound commitment to healthy living, Yasmien saw an opportunity to turn her passion for sandwiches into a thriving business. She recognised the need for convenient, healthy meal options and set out to fill that gap in the market.

Through strategic marketing efforts on social media, Yasmien’s sandwiches quickly gained popularity, attracting a loyal customer base who appreciated her emphasis on fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition.

Despite the challenges of running a food business, including early mornings and long hours, Yasmien’s dedication and perseverance paid off as her sandwiches became a staple choice for health-conscious consumers.

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Today, Yasmien takes pride in her accomplishments as a sandwich trader, serving up to 200 sandwiches a day with over 20 different fillings. Her success not only brings financial stability but also a sense of fulfillment in balancing her roles as a mother and entrepreneur.

Msian woman showing sandwiches she just made
Photo via Sinar Harian

With her husband’s support and fueled by her passion for healthy living, Yasmien eagerly anticipates the future. She dreams of sharing her experience by teaching to inspire others to start their own healthy food businesses.

For those who are reading this, take Yasmien as an example of someone who could thrive, perhaps not in the field we initially expected, but still find success through determination.

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