M’sian Students Studying In The UK Recreate Mixed Rice Stall Experience In Their Dorm

The full Malaysian experience.
Malaysian students studying in the UK, missing the comfort of mixed rice from back home, have taken it upon themselves to recreate this culinary delight right in their dormitory, complete with a makeshift “vendor” calculating costs!

A Xiaohongshu user by the handle “冰美式脑袋” recently posted a video showing how these students spent half a day preparing 12 different dishes.

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Mixed rice in uk
Image via XHS/冰美式脑袋

Full mixed rice experience

The students then lined up to collect their meals, mimicking the experience of a traditional mixed rice stall.

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The video showcases an array of dishes including meats, shrimp, clams, and curry, alongside greens, steamed eggs, and fried eggs.

Picking the food
Image via XHS/冰美式脑袋

The authenticity of the setup was heightened by the use of classic red plastic plates.

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After serving the food, the “vendor” would examine the plates and charge the “customers,” with one being charged 5 Malaysian Ringgit for their selection.

Netizen sharing their experience

Comments flooded in from netizens, some highlighting that the red plastic plate is quintessential to the mixed rice experience.

“The red plate is the soul!”

The red plate is the soul
Image via XHS/冰美式脑袋

“Exactly the same with the mixed rice I ate every day.”

Exactly the same!
Image via XHS/冰美式脑袋

Others expressed that the video made them homesick.

“Currently studying in Australia, we all become chefs when studying overseas. We cook ourselves some hometown food when we feel homesick.”

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Studying in australia missing home
Image via XHS/冰美式脑袋

Watch the full video here:

Video via 冰美式脑袋

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