M’sian Stall Owner Caught Charging Extra 10 Cents For Every QR Code Payment Made

A food court stall was raided by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) for imposing additional charges on QR code payments.

The stall was found to be charging customers an extra 10 cents for every transaction made through this method.

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Kpdn raiding a stall
Photo via Kosmo!

Complaints from customers lead to raid

According to Kosmo!, Norena Jaafar, the state director of KPDN, revealed that the raid took place at approximately 10.30 am following consumer complaints.

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Customers reported being charged extra fees when using e-wallet services at the stall.

“The vendor, who is in his 50s, informed customers that a 10-cent charge applied for payments under RM10, and a 20-cent charge for payments under RM20, citing bank requirements for e-wallet services. However, this claim is entirely false,” Norena clarified.

Norena explained that the vendor used a QR code from Bayarlah, and a verification with the company confirmed no additional charges were imposed for their services.

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Following the raid, Norena announced that an investigation would be launched into this serious offense, and the stall owner has been fined under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act (AKHAP) 2.

“We believe this unauthorised charge has been in place since early this year, not just during the recent diesel price increase. The trader openly exploited customers through QR code payments,” she added.

Customer feels deceived by extra charges

Man scanniing qr code to pay
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

A customer expressed feeling deceived after being charged an extra 20 cents for his breakfast.

“My meal cost RM14, but when I scanned the code, it became RM14.20. Although it’s just 20 cents, I was quite surprised as this has never happened at other stalls.”

“The vendor claimed the bank set the charge, but no notice was displayed,” the customer explained.

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