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M’sian Shocked To See Phone Holder’s Adhesive Melt Under The Hot Sun

How hot can It get?
In a surprising twist brought about by the recent heatwave, several netizens have reported an unusual casualty: their car’s phone holders.

The soaring temperatures have led to the adhesive used in these holders melting, causing them to lose their grip and functionality.

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A netizen shared their experience on social media, where they described how the glue of the phone holder melted during a trip in Kuala Lumpur.

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“It was a sudden melt. We were traveling, and suddenly my phone holder just slumped over,” said the car owner in an online post.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she said she has been using that phone holder for over two years, and just recently, during a trip to KL, it just started melting out of nowhere.

“Even my sister has faced the same issue with her phone holder in her car because of the super hot weather.”


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