M’sian Shocked to See Her Car Turn Into An Ant Nest After Parking Under A Tree For Days

Ant-agonists of the story.
A woman experienced a nightmare when she discovered her car had turned into an ant nest after parking it under a tree for several nights in Johor Bahru.

Upon opening her car’s hood, she was greeted by the sight of ants crawling all over, causing distress and disgust.

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The whole colony invaded her car

Car became an ant nest

This unusual incident was shared on the Facebook group “新山Bukit Indah大小事” where the woman sought advice on how to handle the situation.

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The post detailed how the woman had parked her vehicle under a tree for a few nights, only to find it infested with ants upon her return.

A video accompanying the post showed the extent of the infestation, with ants crawling inside the engine compartment, prompting expressions of disgust from viewers.

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Seeking ways to eliminate the ants

The woman’s plea for help on social media led to various suggestions from netizens.

Most advised her to immediately spray insecticide all over the car before taking it for a thorough wash.

Some suggested that the ants might have nested in a corner of the vehicle, recommending the use of ant powder or hiring pest control professionals to fumigate the car completely.

Others suggested that the owner to bring it to the car wash, and they would know method to eliminate them, like using smoke.

Additionally, several netizens shared their own experiences with similar predicaments, noting how parking under a tree even for a single night attracted ants to their cars.

Comment sharing similar experience
Screengrab via 新山Bukit Indah大小事

Some mentioned that the problem persisted for a week before it improved.

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“I parked my Axia under a mango tree for one night, and it took me several packs of insecticide and ant poison to get rid of them after 14 days.” One netizen shared.

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