M’sian Shocked To See Estima Squeezed In To Share Parking Spot With His Myvi

1 Parking, 2 Cars.
A driver was stunned upon returning to his car to find another vehicle illegally parked, squeezed tightly next to his, sharing one single parking slot.

Sharing his frustration on the social media platform Xiaohongshu, the driver recounted how his delight to find a parking slot quickly turned into dismay.

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1 parking, 2 cars

The incident occurred at Malaysia’s first Japanese mall, LALAPORT, where the driver had initially been thrilled to find a spacious parking spot.

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He wrote that he was so pleased to find a large parking spot, only to return and find a situation that gave him a headache.

“This space clearly fits only one car, but someone thought squeezing in was a good idea.”

M'sian shocked to see estima squeezed in to share parking spot with his myvi | weirdkaya
Image via XHS/Couple Lab Lalaport

“Never did I imagine encountering such a person who would force their large car into the same spot. Were there no other parking spaces?”

How to get into my car?

The driver detailed how the owner of the Toyota Estima had pushed in the side mirror of his Perodua Myvi to fit into the same space.

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Photos uploaded by the driver showed the Myvi tightly flanked by the Estima, leaving barely any room to open the doors.

“Why did they have to squeeze in? I tried several times to figure out how to get into my car. What should I do now?”

M'sian shocked to see estima squeezed in to share parking spot with his myvi
Image via XHS/Couple Lab Lalaport

Justice served

“Initially, I didn’t want to make a fuss, but I couldn’t swallow this. People shouldn’t be allowed to behave so rudely. I had to report it.”

In the comments section, the driver posted a photo of the Estima with a wheel lock, captioning it “Justice served. It’s been clamped.”

He eventually left a note on the Estima’s windshield, warning the driver before climbing through the passenger side to get into his car and drive away.

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