M’sian Shocked Over Paying RM3 Just To Tapau Plain Curry From Ramadan Bazaar

They'd likely just throw away the leftover curry anyway.
In Petaling Jaya, a woman was taken aback when she was charged RM3 to tapau plain curry at a Ramadan bazaar.

Leftover Curry Sauce

According to Kosmo, she initially purchased beef curry from a stall and then noticed a container of fish curry that only had gravy left.

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Ikan curry
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Seeing that the fish was sold out, she requested some of the remaining curry.

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“I bought beef curry at the bazaar yesterday, and then I just asked for some fish curry sauce as well because the fish was already finished. They charged RM3 for the sauce. RM3 for just curry sauce,” the woman said.

Her story sparked public outrage, with many questioning the trader’s decision and deeming it unreasonable.

“We understand that running a business involves costs. But if the dish is already sold out, just give the curry away for free. “

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“If no one asks for it, it will just go to waste anyway. If giving it away for free is really an issue, just tell us that a spoonful of curry will be charged RM3,” A netizen commented.

“Nowadays, asking for extra curry incurs a charge. Even before Ramadan, there was a charge. Asking for a little also costs RM1,” mentioned another individual.

“Just yesterday, a friend of mine was charged for asking for extra sambal. Previously, asking for extras was never an issue, and there were no additional charges,” shared Fatin.

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