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M’sian Rides Helicopter To Langkawi Restaurant For Lunch, Owner Wowed

Dining in style.
Whenever we go on a vacation or food trip, the most common form of transportation would be by car as it’s easily accessible and affordable. But how about a helicopter for a change?

This was what one Malaysian man did while bringing along a group of friends to have a meal at a tranquil restaurant in Langkawi.

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M’sian rides helicopter to Langkawi restaurant for lunch

In a 1-minute clip uploaded by the restaurant named Dangau Langkawi on TikTok yesterday (Apr 28), it showed restaurant owner Zaidi Hassan and a customer looking on in anticipation and excitement at a helicopter located several metres away.

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Helicopter lands at langkawi restaurant
Screenshot via TikTok/@dangaulangkawi

Upon landing, the camera then transitions to a group of men tucking into a meal before returning back to the helicopter.

Not wanting to miss out on the chance of having a photo taken with the man who brought the AS365N Airbus helicopter to his establishment, Zaidi ran over and posed for a photo with him.

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Zaidi hassan takes photo with man and helicopter
Screenshot via TikTok/@dangaulangkawi

Thought it was a joke

Speaking to NST about the astonishing incident, Zaidi said he received a phone call from a customer, who told him he would be coming via a helicopter.

I thought it was one of my friends having a joke. The caller said he wanted to have the ‘set talam’ for lunch at my restaurant, and that he and some friends would be coming by helicopter.

“I asked if he was being serious. He told me to wait as he would be arriving in 15 minutes. He also asked me if there was a spot nearby for the chopper to land,” he said.

Helicopter lands at dangau langkawi
Screenshot via TikTok/@dangaulangkawi

Zaidi added that he heard a helicopter flying overhead 20 minutes later and saw it land at an open field located 20-metres from the restaurant.

He said a total of six people emerged from the helicopter and were later joined by 10 to 15 others who came by car.

Flight approved by authorities

Zaidi told the English daily that he didn’t recognise any of the customers, but overheard one of them being referred to a a ‘Datuk’.

“They spent around RM500 on the ‘set talam’, which comprised of fish curry, sambal petai prawns, grilled fish, ulam and sambal belacan as well as drinks,” he recounted.

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Meanwhile, ย Langkawi district police chief Assistant Commissioner Shariman Ashari said the helicopter was given the green light to fly by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM)

Watch the clip here:

@dangaulangkawi Hari ini dalam sejarah. Customer dtg makan kat Dangau naik Helikopter. #dangaulangkawi โ™ฌ Balik kampung – ๊ง ๐‘น.๐’Œ๐’‚๐’š_๐‘ถ๐’‡๐’‡๐’Š๐’„๐’Š๐’‚๐’ ๊ง‚


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