M’sian Rider Sells His Motorcycle Of 1 Year To Raise Funds For Mother’s Surgery

'I love my motorcycle but I love my mother more.'
Our parents have always been there for us in our times of need and would do anything in their power to make sure we get through it smoothly. But are we willing to do the same when the script gets flipped?

A young man showed no hesitation in selling a motorcycle he had owned for only a year in order to raise money for his mother’s surgery for a condition known as lipoma.

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M’sian rider sells his motorcycle of 1 year for mother’s surgery

In a TikTok video posted by @naazstar.55, it showed a young man gazing lovingly at his Yamaha Y15 motorcycle before bending down and laying his hand on it, as if he was bidding goodbye to it.

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M'sian rider naazrie ali looks at motorbike
Screenshot via TikTok/@naazstar.55

According to the in-text caption, it turned out he sold off the motorcycle as a means to raise funds for his mother, who suffered from lipoma and needed the cash to undergo surgery.

Speaking to mStar, the 22-year-old man named Naazrie Ali said that his mother’s surgery cost RM15,000 and he had raised RM6,000 so far.

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“Since I’m still short on money, I decided that selling off the motorcycle which I bought last year would be the only way to get some cash quickly.

However, I’ve never asked for donations from anyone and have rejected those who’ve offered to do so. Personally, I feel there are more others more deserving of help than me,” he said.

M'sian rider naazrie ali posing with his motorbike
Photo via mStar

‘I love my mother more’

Although Naazrie admitted that his current financial situation isn’t stable, it didn’t prevent him from making the decision from letting go of his beloved motorcycle for his mother’s treatment.

‘I see this as a test from God and I’m still able to earn money myself. I plan to do so by fully utilising my TikTok account and I believe many will support me.

“While I concede that I really love my motorcycle and have used it for only a year, I love my mother more than anything else,” he said.

M'sian rider naazrie ali saying goodbye to his motorbike
Screenshot via TikTok/@naazstar.55
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