M’sian Motorcyclist Tumbles While Trying To Drift Along Highway At Klang Valley

Daring motorcycle stunts, like high-speed wheelies, may appear thrilling, but they pose significant risks to both the performers and innocent bystanders on the road.

Recently, a Malaysian motorcyclist crashed after attempting a dangerous ‘corner lying’ or drift stunt on a highway in the Klang Valley.

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The video was shared by the OP on the Facebook page Dashcam Owners Malaysia.

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The 20-second clip captures the motorcyclist, who is believed to be a delivery rider, overtaking a car merging onto the Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway (DASH) near Kota Damansara.

Motorcyclist doing dangerous stunt on road
Screenshot via FB/Dashcam Owners Malaysia

After passing the vehicle, the motorcyclist is seen doing the curved road by executing a dangerous corner lying stunt.

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Unfortunately, the rider suddenly lost control and crashed on the right side of the road.

He was then seen being thrown a short distance from the motorcycle, landing on the side of the road.

Let’s all takes this incident as a lesson to always exercise caution on the road.

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Watch the full video here:


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