M’sian Motorcyclist Hit By Myvi And Dies While Trying To Avoid Dog Carcass On The Road

A fatal encounter.

MELAKA – A morning of sorrow befell the city of Melaka when a factory worker suffered a fatal accident due to a deadly encounter with a Myvi post her tumble from a motorcycle; an unfortunate incident that occurred as she tried to evade a dog’s carcass on Tun Fatimah Road.

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The dreadful event unfolded at around 7:50 am. The victim, Nur Eliya Ezzatul Rabu, aged 24, was pronounced dead on site due to severe head injuries, according to Kosmo.

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Melaka Tengah District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit shared that at the time of the mishap, the victim was riding her Yamaha Ego Avantiz motorcycle from Bukit Rambai towards her workplace at Batu Berendam.

“Upon reaching the location, the victim lost control of her motorcycle while trying to steer clear of a dog’s carcass in the middle of the road. After falling, she was subsequently hit by an oncoming Perodua Myvi from the opposite direction,” he stated in today’s report.

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As a result of the collision, she was declared dead at the scene by medical officers.

“Initial investigation reveals that at the time of the accident, the road surface was wet due to rain. The police are now making efforts to retrieve dashcam footage from the involved Perodua Myvi to assist the investigation,” he added.

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