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M’sian Man’s Water Bottle Stolen By Mischievous Monkeys At Pangkor Resort 

Naughty monkeys.

As the year comes to a close, vacation plans are in full swing for many, with hopes of relaxation and enjoyment.

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However, for one unlucky individual, a trip to Pangkor Resort turned into a wild encounter with mischievous monkeys, capturing the attention of viewers on TikTok.

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Room invasion: Monkey shenanigans

In a viral video shared by @adididnot, the chaos unfolds as he confronts two monkeys that had invaded his room at the resort.

Monkey climbing at the atop of tv table
Screenshot via TikTok/@adididnot

The footage begins with the man shouting and yelling at the audacious primates, one of whom daringly crawls atop a TV table.

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Monkey grabbing drinking bottle
Screenshot via TikTok/@adididnot

The tension escalates as the monkey snatches the man’s drinking water and makes a swift escape to the balcony.

Monkeys heading towards balcony at pangkor resort
Screenshot via TikTok/@adididnot

The video takes an amusing turn as the monkey, perched on the balcony, attempts to open the lid of the water bottle.

Monkey with drinking bottle at balcony area
Screenshot via TikTok/@adididnot

@adididnot captures the comical struggle, leaving viewers in stitches as the primate cleverly manages to crack open the lid.

The unexpected turn of events has turned the video into a viral sensation, amassing over 1.1 million views at the time of writing.

Chill reaction and monkey’s victory

In a follow-up video, @adididnot showcases the aftermath of the monkey encounter.

Maintaining a surprisingly calm demeanor, he humorously asks, “Do you need my help to open the lid?”

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Replying to @amaniiiiina Memang habiskan depan aku sambil membontot #fyp #foryou #monyet #pangkorisland

♬ original sound – adidoes – adidoes

The monkey, undeterred, successfully opens the bottle and indulges in the water, all while presenting a rather unconventional view to the camera.

What people are saying

The comment section of the TikTok post is filled with diverse reactions from amused viewers.

Netizens comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@adididnot

Some suggested, “Just buy a new one, bro.”

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Another took a humorous approach, suggesting, “Why don’t you just slap it?”

Amid the laughter, one commenter expressed relief, saying, “Thankfully it didn’t take your wallet. The next thing you know is damaged credit cards.”

What do you think of this incident? Let us know in the comments!

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Watch the full clip here:

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