M’sian Man Wins RM18mil Jackpot After Betting On Family’s Car Plate Numbers

Huat huat huat.
Winning the jackpot is never an easy thing to do as it involves lots of determination and luck. But when it does happen, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

A local man’s determination paid off handsomely for him in the form of RM18 million after he was named the winner of the Magnum 4D jackpot, making him an instant millionaire.

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M’sian man wins RM18mil jackpot, betted on family’s car plate numbers

According to a press statement released by Magnum 4D on its website, the lucky man was a transportation worker from Serdang, Selangor, who was named the grand prize winner on June 30.

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He also shared the secret behind his massive windfall and the lengths he went to better secure his chances of winning.

To increase my chances of winning, I used System Play-8, a strategy that has led to my remarkable win. I always play the same numbers, inspired by my family’s vehicle numbers, including 8217 and 1371 which won me the jackpot.

Magnum 4d rm18mil jackpot poster
Photo via Magnum 4D

“I never gave up hope, consistently playing these vehicle numbers. I was confident that one day, it would pay off. This was definitely an exciting way to end June and welcome July,” he said.

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Plans to share winnings with family

When asked what he plans to do with his winnings, the man said he’s planning to share it with his brothers and sisters and their families.

“Family means everything to me. This win is a blessing, and I want to make sure it benefits all of us. I am grateful for this wonderful chance to improve all our lives.

“I also plans to prioritise an immediate family member’s medical care following a recent medical incident, making sure they receive the best treatment and support. Additionally, I’m looking to secure a bright future for my 5-year-old son by providing access to a good education and a fulfilling life,” he said.

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A Magnum spokesperson said the company was “thrilled to see our winner’s life change for the better” and expressed pride that Magnum 4D had “played a part in this heartwarming act of generosity and love”.


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