M’sian Man Who Used Steroids For Muscle Gain, Now Undergoes Surgery For Chest Resembling Breasts

He spends RM12,000 to beat steroid side effects and regain confidence.

A man took a significant step by undergoing surgery to remove excess chest tissue due to a condition known as gynecomastia, which often leads to a loss of confidence, as reported by Harian Metro.

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This condition can give the appearance of having breasts, causing embarrassment and leading some to avoid seeking medical help.

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The individual began using steroids seven years ago in an attempt to accelerate muscle growth, which unfortunately resulted in gynecomastia.

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He spent RM12,000 on a surgical procedure to to regain his comfort with his appearance.

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Initially against the use of steroids for muscle building, he eventually succumbed to the pressure of keeping up in competitions, which led him down this path.

Noticing symptoms like tender and enlarged nipples, he sought medical advice. The doctor confirmed his condition and recommended surgery.

Although gynecomastia is not inherently dangerous, it can indicate more severe health issues, including the risk of breast cancer in men.

Struggles with gynecomastia

Another person shared his experience with gynecomastia, which began in his teenage years.

Embarrassed by his condition, he resorted to wearing oversized clothing and doing extensive push-ups to counteract the effects without opting for surgery.

He kept his condition secret, not even sharing it with his family.

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Medical experts emphasize the importance of addressing gynecomastia promptly. It can result from obesity, hormonal imbalances, or steroid use.

Early consultation can lead to treatments that adjust hormonal balance or surgical interventions to remove excess tissue, helping individuals regain confidence and lead healthier lives.

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