M’sian Man Says He Saves Up To RM2K A Month By Living Inside His Car

Comfy crib.
A 32-year-old Malaysian manages to save RM2,000 monthly by unconventionally choosing to sleep in his car, a move that has amazed netizens.

Posting about his unique lifestyle on TikTok, Mushamir Mustafa shares his daily life living in his Proton Iriz, which has turned his car into a mobile home.

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Showing his proton iriz
Image via TikTok/@guylivingincar

Not jobless nor homeless

Inspired by a YouTube video, Mushamir began living out of his car, documenting his experience on his TikTok account, @guylivingincar.

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Despite being Malaysian, he was born in Bangladesh and raised in various countries. He has now settled back in Malaysia, where he found a way to dramatically reduce his living expenses.

Contrary to what some might assume, Mushamir is neither jobless nor homeless; he works as a marketing and communications manager and leads a relatively normal life with a unique twist.

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Normal daily routine and social life

Showing the bed in his car
Image via TikTok/@guylivingincar

In his TikTok videos, Mushamir demonstrates how he adapts his Proton Iriz into a living space by reclining the front seats to create a comfortable bed, using ice boxes and pillows for a good night’s sleep.

His car is equipped with essentials like a generator for powering fans and lights, allowing him to watch movies, read books, and play video games.

Showing his living area
Image via TikTok/@guylivingincar

When The Star reporters met him at Taman Tasik Tambahan in Ampang Jaya, Mushamir described his daily routine: jogging, showering at public restrooms, gyms, or gas stations, going to work, having dinner, and winding down with his favorite activities.

On weekends, he visits his mother, maintaining family ties.

Mushamir’s story resonates with many facing high living costs, highlighting innovative ways to save money without compromising comfort.

Watch the video here:

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Living inside my car. Here's the tour :)

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