M’sian Man Pretends To Compare Handphones And Runs Off With 2 iPhones, Police Investigating

Robberies can often take place in any form, be it through mere force and threats or simply putting on a façade before taking off with the stolen goods.

Police are currently hunting down a man who stole two used iPhones at a handphone shop in Bandar Seri Jempol, Negeri Sembilan under the guise that he was comparing them.

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Man in helmet who runs off with 2 iphones after pretending to do comparison
Photo via Kosmo

M’sian man pretends to compare handphones

Kosmo reported that the incident took place at the phone shop at 1.34pm on Sunday (July 2), where the suspect entered the premises wearing a plain black hoodie, black trousers, and a branded SGV motorcycle helmet.

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Speaking to reporters, Jempol district police chief Superintendent Hoo Chang Hook said the suspect approached a 25-year-old shop assistant to inquire about a displayed blue-coloured iPhone 12 Pro Max.

“The suspect then requested another used iPhone 11 Pro Max which was gold-coloured for comparison. A colleague of the complainant, who was repairing a phone next to the sales counter, recognised the suspect and told him off for coming at around 5pm the day before and looking at a Vivo V25 Pro phone,” he said.

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Superintendent hoo chang hook
Photo via Utusan

Ran off with 2 iPhones

Hoo said the suspect then told the shop assistant that he wanted to show the two iPhones to his brother who was reportedly outside the shop. However, the suspect fled with the two phones on a motorcycle parked in the alley next to the shop.

“As a result, the the shop suffered a loss of approximately RM5,300,” he said, adding that police are investigating the case under Section 380 of the Penal Code for theft.

He also urged those who recognise or has information about the suspect to contact the Jempol District Police Headquarters at 06-4583449.

Earlier in March this year, a senior citizen had his debit card stolen and RM46,000 drained from his account by the thief who spent it on an iPhone:

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