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M’sian Man Hosts Raya Open House For 45 Of His Friends, But Only A Handful Showed Up

The effort :')
As Hari Raya Aidilfitri drew near, families everywhere geared up for the joyous festivities, each in their special way. One beloved tradition during this time is hosting open houses, where families open their doors to guests, offering plenty of food and good company.

But beneath the surface of these gatherings, there’s often a touching tale of anticipation, hard work, and occasionally, surprises.

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Only a few arrived at the open house despite the big plan

Open house - raya
Screenshot via TikTok/@muaandgroomingmelaka

A viral video recently featured Dekwan, who organised an open house with great care. The tables were filled with delicious dishes like rendang, nasi impit, and sate, inviting guests to indulge.

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However, despite Dekwan’s careful planning and hospitality, the number of attendees didn’t meet expectations.

Raya food
Screenshot via TikTok/@muaandgroomingmelaka

The video revealed a sad truth: even though there was plenty of delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere, the expected guests didn’t show up. The dining table remained untouched, a silent reminder of the disappointment felt by the host.

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How it actually happened

Dekwan opened up on his Instagram story, explaining how the big open house wasn’t originally his plan. It all started with casual talks during the fasting month, where his friends gave him positive feedback during iftar.

“I actually didn’t plan to have such a big feast like this. During the fasting month, I hung out with my friends, there were 45 of them for iftar, someone said, ‘Wan, aren’t you having an open house this year?’ ‘Your ayam masak merch (chicken cooked in red sauce) is delicious.

Encouraged by this, Dekwan decided to expand his hospitality, leading to the grand Raya celebration.

So, I immediately asked when everyone wanted to come. I didn’t even pick a date myself. Eventually, we all agreed on the third day of Raya. I was a bit worried because I thought some might still be celebrating with their families. But I said, ‘Okay, sure.’

When it comes to food, I never hold back. I just go for it. If guests want to come, they’re always welcome. My doors are always open.

But things didn’t go as Dekwan hoped. Despite sending out sincere invitations and planning everything carefully, only a few guests showed up. Dekwan couldn’t help but feel disappointed as he wondered why others didn’t come.

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‘Remained silent without any updates’

“I sent out my invitations on the night of Raya and on the day itself, I was busy cooking non-stop from morning till evening. Despite that, when the responses came, about 5 or 6 people said they couldn’t make it. But I kept an open mind, thinking maybe they were still celebrating with their families. Out of the many people I invited, only those few responded, while the rest stayed silent.

They remained silent without any updates. But I stayed patient, thinking it’s alright; I’ll wait until 9 pm. If there’s still no response, we’ll turn it into a “takeaway” open house.

In the end, that’s what happened. I had to make it a takeaway because some who were invited couldn’t make it due to unavoidable reasons like work commitments on Raya.

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Dekwan concluded:

“For me, every invitation from a host is eagerly anticipated. My advice: if you get an invitation but can’t make it, just inform the host. Don’t leave them waiting. It’s disappointing for the host.”

No responses from them up until now

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Dekwan shared how much effort went into preparing for the open house, starting early in the morning and lasting until late evening.

“I did all this by myself to preparing everything from 7 am to 4 pm.”

When asked about the response from the guests after his video went viral, Dekwan said:

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“So far, there’s been no response from them, and they only saw my status on WhatsApp story.”

Watch the full clip here:


sementara ada masa terluang cuti kite buat . tp ramai xdtg . tpi ade lah 2 3 kerat . terima kasih pada yg hadir walaupun x ramai . lauk banyak lagi ni 🥺

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