M’sian Man Goes Public On Affair After Mistress Sent His Naked Photos To Wife & Blackmailed Him For RM30K

"I couldn't control myself and made a mistake. I'm sorry that I've hurt my family."
Cheating on your partner is nothing to be proud of, and most would prefer to keep it under wraps to save the last shreds of their dignity.

However, one man decided to let the entire country know of his affair after his mistress sent incriminating photos to his wife and is now blackmailing him into paying RM30,000.

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Met mistress at a bar

Speaking to reporters at a press conference yesterday (Sept 21), the man known as Foo, said he first met his mistress, 35-year-old Ling who claimed to be an insurance agent, at a bar around April/May last year.

After six months of knowing each other, Foo fetched Ling back home at her request as she claimed she was drunk. They later proceeded to have sex inside the car, reported China Press.

“While having sex, her ‘ex-boyfriend’ suddenly appeared and took photos of us being naked. He even assaulted her as well,” he said.

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Even after the violent confrontation, Foo and Ling continued their affair and had video calls with each other while naked.

However, Foo said Ling secretly took photos of him during the video calls, something he didn’t consent to.

Asked to give RM30,000 by mistress

Over the course of their affair, Ling kept requesting RM30,000 from Foo, saying that she needed it to repay a debt she owed to her ‘ex-boyfriend’.

When I refused, both Ling and her ‘ex-boyfriend’ showed their true colours and threatened to send the naked photos to my wife, children, and friends.

“On September 13, Ling’s ex-boyfriend came to my workplace and demanded that I repay her debt. However, he quickly left when he saw my daughter taking photos of him,” he said.

M’sian man goes public on affair after wife gets naked photos

Foo said that due to his refusal to pay the RM30,000, Ling sent the naked photos and video calls to his wife on Wednesday (Sept 20).

Needless to say, his wife became enraged and kicked him out of the house, leaving him with nowhere to go.

Foo has since expressed deep regret and took responsibility for his actions.

I couldn’t control myself and made a mistake. I’m sorry that I’ve hurt my family and would like to publicly apologise to them.

The msian man revealing his affair at a press conference
Photo via China Press

“I’m holding this press conference to prevent further threats from the other party and to highlight the significant harm inflicted upon my family by their actions,” he said, adding that he has sought legal advice on the matter.

MCA public services and complaints department chief Michael Chong, who was also present, that he believes the duo might have used the same tactic on other victims as well and that more victims are expected to step forward soon.

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